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All weather jacket

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  • Light jacket in LPC with a storm hood for demanding weather
  • Multifunctional jacket that protects you against most weather. Suitable for the outdoors and everyday usage.
  • For all active people, such as hikers and everyday commuters.
  • Made of LPC with fluorocarbon-free DWR treatment. Hand and chest pockets with zippers. Snorkel hood for wind protection.

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Habe is a multifuntional and light jacket that protects you against most weather!

Your Trustworthy Companion, Come Rain or Shine

In a world that's constantly changing, you need a companion that stands by you, no matter what the weather throws at you. Our all-weather jackets are designed to be that reliable friend, offering comfort, protection, and style in one neat package.

Crafted with innovative materials that shield you from the wind and rain, these jackets ensure that the elements don't stand a chance. But protection doesn't come at the cost of style. The sleek lines, the fashionable cuts, and the versatile colors make these jackets a perfect accessory for any outfit, come rain or shine.

And it's not just about battling the elements; it's about doing it with flair. The contemporary designs blend seamlessly with functional features, promising jackets that are both stylish and practical. Whether you're heading to a business meeting or going on a weekend hike, our all-weather jackets adapt to your needs, offering a comfortable and stylish solution to weather woes.

Step into the future of fashion, where style meets unparalleled protection, promising you a look that's both chic and functional, no matter what the seaso