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Which delivery methods to provide to the customers differs case by case. In Geta Commerce, we have provided two delivery methods, Ship home and Pick up in store.

NOTE: This is only mock-up data and is intended for illustrative purposes only.

Pick up in Store

Location-based Sorting

When customers opt for the 'Pick up in Store' method, the system prioritizes convenience. If a customer agrees to share their geolocation, our platform will display stores based on proximity, showcasing the nearest store first. This feature ensures that customers can quickly and easily identify the most convenient pick-up locations.

Alphabetical Sorting

For customers who prefer not to share their geolocation or when the geolocation feature encounters issues, stores will be presented in an alphabetical order. This default sorting maintains a structured and easy-to-navigate list for customers.

Ship Home

Entering the Delivery Address

When customers choose the 'Ship Home' option, they are prompted to provide a delivery address to ensure accurate and timely delivery. A user-friendly form facilitates this process, asking for essential details like street address, city, postal code, and country.

Seamless Experience for Registered Customers

For our registered customers, we've added a layer of convenience. If you've previously saved a shipping address in your user profile, the system will automatically prefill the address fields, eliminating the need for repetitive input. However, customers always have the option to edit or change the address if needed, ensuring flexibility and control.