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A future-proof headless and cloud based e-commerce solution built on modern microservice architecture

How does it sound to be able to deliver excellent customer experience with a solution that lets you grow your business on an ever evolving platform with near limitless possibilities, all the while reducing your technical debt?

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Geta B2C


Geta Commerce Cloud (GCC) offers a powerful and ready-to-go e-commerce platform to give you a flying start. It provides ready-made integrations with recommended business systems, customizable designs, and a scalable architecture that can grow with your business needs.


GCC includes a Headless starter kit with best-practice functionality and the ability to customize and expand as desired. It enables the delivery of the same content across different channels and follows a technology and API-first approach.


The platform has built-in support systems, performance tracking, and easy integration with any system or service.


GCC is best-of-breed with features like Sanity for content management, Omnium OMS for seamless order management, and Geta Integration Framework for efficient integrations.


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